FIELDS of Expertise

Team: Planning

Applied nature conservation and landscape planning

We develop convincing action plans and conservation measures and support their technical implementation in a professional way. We supervise/preserve valuable habitats within and outside protected areas and give advice on any related legal or technical question.

  • Applied nature and species conservation
  • Conservation action plans
  • Management of protected areas
  • Habitat restoration
  • Biotope protection and management
  • Supervision of the implementation of actions (Fauna, Flora, water bodies)
  • Monitoring and evaluation of implementation measures
  • Management of neophytes
  • Ecological construction supervision
  • Professional and legal advice in lawsuits; Optimising approval procedures (see also 'Toolbox for Nature Conservation Procedures')
  • Supporting stakeholders and awareness raising

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Records, assessment and management of eco-systems

We provide precise field data of natural spaces, ecological monitoring and assessments of natural and cultural landscapes for our clients. We work in a scientifically sound way and apply cutting-edge technology and innovative approaches.

  • Evaluation of ecosystem services
  • High-resolution UAV imagery
  • Web-GIS, mobile and open source solutions (e.g. Map & Go)
  • Surveying and modelling of natural forest communities
  • Habitat and vegetation mapping
  • Assessment of species and habitats
  • Vegetation monitoring

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Sustainable development of protected areas, regions, and organizations

We accompany UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, Nature Parks, and other regions to fulfill their role as the world’s most striking model and learning sites for sustainable development. Similarly, we support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in the frame of the International Development Aid. To this end, we bridge scientific knowledge with practical experiences, human needs with nature demands, and global objectives with local solutions.

  • Development, management and transformation design of/for predicate regions like UNESCO Biosphere Reserves and Nature Parks
  • Development concepts, management plans and evaluations for protected areas and regions
  • International Development Cooperation and organisational development
  • Land use planning, climate mitigation and adaptation

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Innovative visitors´ attractions

We translate complex issues and scientific findings into attractive and target-group oriented information and products. We give visitors a tangible experience of outstanding local features and facilitate innovative learning and nature experiences.

  • Corporate publishing
  • Experiential installations
  • Visitor management
  • Visitor information concepts
  • Info points
  • Visitor infrastructures
  • Theme trails
  • Exhibition design
  • Cartography
  • Publications, print works and various knowledge transfer products

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further offers

map&go –Fully digitized habitat mapping as a technological leap forward

Map&go is a specific software for habitat mapping, which is usually installed on a tablet-PC suitable for outdoor work.

The use of specific software allows the combination of all materials and tools required for immediate on-site digitizing of spatial information in the field in one single platform. It comprises a mobile GIS including orthophotos and maps, all data sheets and official forms, a camera, the respective data collection manuals and ecological identification keys.

Our map&go represents a significant support and improvement for our field surveyors. It has increased the accuracy and speed of habitat mapping in the field. For larger habitat mapping projects, matching between several field surveyors is easily possible. Thus, in 2014, it received the Prize for Innovation and Research awarded by the State of Carinthia.

On request, we can provide this technology to interested colleagues. For further information, please contact Tobias Köstl, MSc.


E.C.O.pteryx: High-resolution UAV pictures for new perspectives

UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, so called “drones”) allow for a new and exceptional view on vegetation and landscapes. In the course of several research projects we tested this new technology and customized a drone to meet our specific needs. We have been using E.C.O.pteryx, a hexacopter, since 2015. The convincing new technology provides high-resolution aerial photos, allows for new analysis procedures and repeating standardized data collection whenever needed.

This opens numerous new opportunities, particularly in the fields of vegetation monitoring and long-term observations. We use E.C.O.pteryx mainly for vegetation analysis and monitoring purposes, for success control of ecological measures and for ecological construction supervision.

For further information go to E.C.O.pteryx or get in touch with Dr. Hanns Kirchmeir.


LBI: An index for making biodiversity measurable

Restoration and recultivation of large construction sites, landfill sites, or former industrial sites or quarries is a major challenge for conservation. To meet this challenge, we have developed the LBI (Long-term Biodiversity Index), a new tool for safeguarding evidence and monitoring the success of ecological compensation measures. By using abundance-based statistics, the biodiversity of a quarry becomes measurable and allows for the monitoring changes in biodiversity over long periods of time. Therefore, we collect data on different species groups – depending on the characteristics of the site and related challenges and priorities.

This method is currently used by selected quarries in Austria and France. The oldest data series dates back some 15 years and allows us to draw valid conclusions about biodiversity development.

On request, we can provide this technology to interested colleagues. For further information, please contact DI Tobias Köstl, MSc. Expert system for modelling potential natural forest communities

The potential natural forest community (PNFC) is a fundamental basis for sustainable forestry. In a series of research projects, we have addressed the issue of predicting and modelling the PNFC for developing an online-based expert system. This expert system allows for deducting the potential natural forest community. The user can enter data about a specific site into a data entry mask. This includes data such as location parameters, growth district, altitude, exposition, soil type, hydrology.

The computer model subsequently generates a list of the five forest communities, which are most likely to occur at this specific site. Based on this result list, the user can download detailed information about these communities and their characteristic tree species.

The expert system is available online: For further information, get in touch with Dr. Hanns Kirchmeir.


TEZO-012: Quality check for theme and adventure trails

Theme trails are important offers in educational and experience-oriented tourism. However, the quality of individual trails is extremely variable. Based on a scientific analysis of 160 theme trails all over Austria, we have developed a certification system for a standardized quality control of these offers.

Based on a set of more than 100 criteria, our experts evaluate the quality of the content, the design as well as the quality of the maintenance activities of individual trails

A standardized evaluation form enables funding agencies, tourism agencies and travel agencies to gain a clear picture of the quality of their trails.

For further information, please get in touch with DI Anna Kovarovics or have a look at our reference projects:



Regional Future Factory: Participation is fun

The development of communities, nature parks, biosphere reserves or model regions can only be achieved in a joint and coordinated effort of all regional stakeholders. This includes the design of joint reflective processes, the development of shared objectives and agreed strategies.

To meet this challenge, we have developed the workshop format “Regional Future Factory”.

Our future factory for nature parks supports you in elaborating your strategic focus, your objectives and activities in a systematic way.

Together with the musician, former LEADER manager and facilitator Thomas Puch as well as diversity expert Karin Grasenick (con.velop), we facilitate a well-structured, creative and target-oriented discussion process to jointly elaborate local strategies and plans. The future factory is fun and opens new perspectives.

Find information about selected future factories here: References or get in touch with DI Daniel Zollner.


Reliable partner in international development cooperation

With our consultancy services, we support international donors, consultancies and NGOs as international experts with in-depth studies and expert missions and implement development cooperation projects (feasibility studies, evaluations and project implementation). We are specialized in the field of sustainable land use, biodiversity, protected area management and natural resources management.

We have a long history of working in mountain areas and are currently working in the Alps, the Caucasus, the Carpathians, the Himalayas and East Africa.

For further information get in touch with DI Michael Huber or have a look at: References.