Award ceremony of the „Goldene Unke“

Congratulations to the ÖBB for „Natur am Zug“

At the ÖKOBAU Autumn Fair in Klagenfurt the construction project which was closest and friendliest to nature has been awarded the Carinthian nature conservation award ‘Goldene Unke’. The winner is the project „Natur am Zug“ by the ÖBB (Austrian Railway). Congratulations!

About the winning project: Thanks to the measures taken by the ÖBB in the ‚Granitztal‘ valley, the ecological situation there improved. Compensatory measures were taken and on top of that a positive ecological balance could be reached.

Among other things, three ponds für ‚Gelbbauchunken‘ (yellow-bellied toad) were created and the protected ‘Eisvogel’ (kingfisher) found itself a new habitat in the Granitztal valley.

The submitted projects very well showed the areas of tension as well as possible solutions in the intersection of nature conservation and construction.

The ‚Goldene Unke‘ emerged from the certificate course ‚Naturschutzfachkraft‘, unique in Austria and created by the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences in ccoperation with E.C.O. The ‚Naturschutzfachkraft‘ aims to find shared solutions for nature conservation and the construction industry.

Find out more about the ‚Naturschutzfachkraft‘: and the award Goldene Unke.

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