For a selected set of species and habitats the concept for the development of Joint Transnational Action Plans will be developed. The Action Plans should provide essential information on needed interventions on the national level and give the framework for the management plans on the site level. Together with the Agricultural Research and Education Centre (AREC) Raumberg-Gumpenstein and the Lake Balaton Development Coordination Agency from Hungary the Action plans for the habitat types Calcareous fens with Cladium mariscus (7210) and Alkaline fens of the Caricion davallianae (7230) will be developed. Specific monitoring methods will be worked out in a handbook so each of the partners can evaluate the impact of the direct interventions during the project with a common methodological approach.

The project results in a Joint Transnational Strategy, which comprises a draft for Joint Transnational Action Plans, a Common Monitoring Handbook and a Guideline for protected area managers.


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