Fridolin, the Eagle Owl

One model for applied nature and species conservation

 The story of one eagle owl in Carinthia shows how nature conservation can create win-win solutions.

In December 2020 an eagle owl got stuck in a net at the fishery Süßenbacher Naturfisch. It could not free itself and got hurt. After being cared for at the Adlerarena on castle Landskron, it was ready to be released to the wild again.

Now, it continues its successful nocturnal air surveillance near the fish farm. There, it holds the root vole and muskrat population at bay which dig holes in the dams eventually causing them to break. Thus, Fridolin, as Raphael decided to call the eagle owl, saves him a lot of work and costs by just being there. ‚He is definitely a welcome neighbourly help. We are happy he is back‘, Raphael points out.

This simple example illustrates how nature conservation can create win-win solutions and that nature itself often offers the best solutions.

Many birds of prey like the eagle owl are endangered in Austria. It is important to know their essential contribution to our ecosystem.

Photo ©: E.C.O. / Süßenbacher

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