Guest Performance

Project Management Seminar at Greifswald University

The university and Hanseatic city of Greifswald in West Pomerania on the German Baltic Sea coast, experienced one of the harshest winters for decades this year. While the people in the streets of Greifswald had to cope with unusually high falls of snow and bitter cold, the atmosphere at the Botanical Institute of Greifswald University was heated up: Twenty students attended the high-powered seminar on “Project Management for Ecologists – Planning, managing and controlling of interdisciplinary projects“ to achieve their qualification as future project managers.

The one-week course was chaired by Michael Jungmeier. In addition to theoretical principles, he presented numerous practical examples drawing on his rich experience in this field. In small groups, the students worked out concepts for projects, and all intermediate presentations were video-recorded. Project development and study progress were both documented by this means and joint analysis by the entire group was made possible.

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