The Nockberge mountains are on the way to becoming a biosphere reserve.

“Biosphere reserves are international model regions for sustainable development. They represent the protected areas category which is tailor-made for the Nockberge region”, explains Michael Jungmeier, manager of E.C.O. enthusiastically. The present Nockberge National Park is to be transformed into a most modern biosphere park. E.C.O. will advise and accompany the Nockberge National Park administration in this project which requires a high degree of planning, coordination and communication.

A number of information sessions started in January where the people of the Nockberge region had the possibility to obtain information about the biosphere reserve project. First the aims and contents of the biosphere reserve were presented in specialist presentations; then all questions and requests on the topic were answered and discussed. The responsible member of the provincial government, Uwe Scheuch, took part in all sessions and showed much commitment for a future Nockberge Biosphere Reserve. “This is a great chance for the region that we absolutely have to take”, Uwe Scheuch is convinced.

The experts in the discussion round were of the same opinion. However, there had also been uncertainty and scepticism about the biosphere reserve project among the audience but almost all doubts could be cleared up. “What is to be better in the biosphere reserve than in the national park?” was one of the questions most frequently asked. One of the participants from the audience answered it himself: “A biosphere reserve is a national park with and for the people.”

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