The future we want

Student internship at E.C.O. 2013

In 2013 E.C.O. again participates in the initative of the Federal Ministry for Science and Research „Rio+20 - Scientists and Young People Take Stock”. In the course of this initative about 100 young Austrian 16-19 year old students complete a research internship in an Austrian research facility of their choice to work on topics related to sustainability. Two of these internships are provided by E.C.O. to give the opportunity to interested teenagers to grapple with current sustainability-related research in a very special and practical way.

In the course of four week interships the students gain an overview about the research facility and get to know various ongoing and recent research projects. Acquiring knowledge about the topic “Sustainability” and experience different practical aspects of sustainability based on real projects is the main objective of this initiative. Based on these research projects, the students are supposed to elaborate a short report with the theme “The future we want”, which should express a very personal view into the future (visions and wishes for the future). 


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