Wellness reward for E.C.O. biking team

The team of E.C.O. was awarded a free fitness- and wellness day for biking to work in May.

The team participataed in the popular Austrian campaign “Bike 2 Work” which always awards amazing prizes and convinced with numerous kilometres spent on a bike between their office and their home. In addition to the health benefits, the team could also win one of the fancy prizes.

In order to be eligible, the team had to go to work by bike for at least half of the workdays in the month of May. Consequently, by leaving the car back home, our team of three coverd a total distance of 267 km, burnt 4.800 kcal and saved 123€ of gas and 42 kg of Co2 within one month. Lisi, Tobi and Anna are enthusiastic about their prize and look forward to their well deserved fitness and wellness day.

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